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Successful Spine surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Henry Stolz to live a normal life despite a microendoscopic Decompression. We Care india helped Henry find best super specialised surgeon for his procedure.
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MIOT Hospitals Information

MIOT Hospitals Overview
MIOT Hospitals, Chennai is a Leader in Orthopedics and Nationally and Internationally known for their adoption of Professional standards.

The Truly Global Hospital with World Class Specialties in India in the field of Joint Replacement Surgeries, Orthopedics and Trauma. Now Has Specialized Centre for Thoracic & Cardio Vascular Care, Centre for Neurology and Neuro Surgery, and Other Specialties.

A Multi Crore, Multi Specialty Hospital with German Collaboration. An International Hospital in Chennai and the country

" The Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (MIOT), had its genesis as an independent wing of Vijaya Hospital, where Padmashree Prof. Dr.P.V.A. Mohandas and his team performed many a surgical impossibility in the field of Orthopaedics. Subsequently, his international travel exposed him to the highly impressive standards of hygiene and competence of medical services in the West He grew obsessed with an overpowering desire to provide similar standards of professional health care in India. He left no stone unturned, no expense spared until in February 1999 MIOT opened its doors to the public. Thus, the seed of desire sown with dedication and nurtured with concerted effort, sprouted and now stands before us as the imposing structure of MIOT - the virtual brainchild of Dr. Mohandas.

MIOT Hospitals, Chennai became a corporate body in early 1994 in tune with the evolving hospital culture overseas. This multi-crore, super-speciality hospital, nationally and internationally acclaimed for its professional standards, has collaborators in Australia, Germany and USA. The Hospital taps the advantage of this collaboration by sending its Doctors and Nurses to Germany periodically as part of its upgradation programme.

What meets the physical eye is the stately concrete masterpiece of functional, modern architecture standing in a sprawling 22 acre site, but what accosts the mind's eye is the world that lies within ….. the surge of emotions that it houses …..concern, care and compassion that seek to wipe away the pain, anxiety and helplessness of the ailing in an endeavour to usher in smiles. The power of the emotions housed within has transformed a concrete structure into a Noble Messiah of the Medical Profession. MIOT hospital has drawn a list of celebrities from Presidents of India and Chief Ministers of several States to popular film stars and Diplomats from Germany, U.S.A., Gulf, U.K., Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai and the Maldives.

Specialities of the MIOT Hospitals, Chennai:

Keyhole Surgery at MIOT Hospitals, Chennai
Keyhole surgery is possible due to the latest miniaturized technology attached to scopes like the bronchoscope featured here.

Through a small hole a Telescope with video camera is introduced into the abdomen. Images from the camera are projected onto the monitor. Surgeons can do any type of surgery by viewing the monitor with additional 0.5cm holes in the abdomen.

Joint Replacement & Revision Surgery, at MIOT Hopsitals, Chennai
"Management of Arthritis" is a specialty of MIOT Hospital. In Arthritis all the movements in the Joints are restricted by pain. Beyond a certain stage, pain killers, injections, massage or any other form of healing may not be adequate. Once restriction of movements occurs in the joints, there is need for replacement.

MIOT gives a beginning, almost where hope has ended. A pioneer in Joint Replacement Surgery in India, MIOT Hospitals has specialized in this area for over two and a half decades and has to its credit rich experience in replacement surgery of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow.

Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement at MIOT Hospitals, Chennai
Surgery of the hip and knee may be required for a number of reasons - degeneration, injury, disease or simple ageing of the joint. In these cases, an artificial joint is inserted. But even artificial joints have a limited life and need to be replaced after around 15 years. Artificial joints cause erosion of the surrounding bone and tissue, which poses a challenge for the insertion of another joint.

Limb Lengthening at MIOT Hospitals, Chennai
There are two phases of lengthening until the bone is fully healed : the distraction phase and the consolidation phase. The former is the lengthening phase. After the desired length is obtained, the newly regenerated bone is still very weak because of lack of calcium within it. The hardening and calcification of this new bone is called the consolidation phase.

Neuro Surgical Care and SPINE SURGERY at MIOT Hopsitals, Chennai
The Department of Neurosurgery in MIOT is equipped with excellent dedicated state of the art Operation Theatre with fully equipped recovery suite.

The Department is headed by a senior, competent and experienced Neuro Surgeons and Spine Surgeons who lead the team of professionals who are dedicated towards patient care. On an average around 125 major neuro surgical operations per year are being performed with an excellent outcome.

Specialized Neuro Surgeries at MIOT Hopsitals, Chennai
Micro Neuro Surgical Operations are being regularly performed for Brain Tumors like Meningotomas, Gliomas, Pituitary tumors, skull base tumors and Posterior fossa tumors.

Bleeding into the Brain due to head injuries, hypertension and aneurysin are being successfully treated. Back Pain, Neck Pain, Disc Prolapse at neck (cervical), back (lumbar), Spinal Cord Tumors, Basilar Invaginations and Birth Defects in Spinal Cord are treated micro surgically in a minimally invasive and maximally effective way.

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