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Successful Spine surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Henry Stolz to live a normal life despite a microendoscopic Decompression. We Care india helped Henry find best super specialised surgeon for his procedure.
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Manipal Hospital Information

Chairman’s Message

Manipal Group
Founded 5 decades ago by Dr. T MA Pai, Physician, Educationist, Banker and Philanthropist, Manipal Group has a strong academic focus. MAHE - Deemed University at Manipal is an University Town with 3 Universities, 24 Colleges and over 20000 students from over 39 countries. Manipal Health Systems, the Hospital Management Company of the Group treats over 19 lakhs patients every year.

The parent company, the Manipal Group, is renowned worldwide for its pioneering work in education and healthcare spanning five decades. Its Healthcare Division runs 11 hospitals with 1250 doctors and 4250 beds, 7 government associate hospitals with 2565 beds, 7 rural health centers and 14 Medical Colleges with over 9000 students and 275 faculty staff. Manipal group has ventured beyond the boundaries created by history, geography, nationality, genders, socio-economic strata and found opportunities to create wealth of different kind – in the form of health, knowledge and social security – working towards a better future.

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore  Centers of Excellence
The flagship of Manipal Health Systems is Bangalore’s Manipal Hospital that comprises specialized institutes like

  • Manipal Heart Institute (MHI)
  • Manipal Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
  • Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Urology (MINU)
  • Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Centre (MCCC)
  • Manipal International Institute of Dental Science (MIIDS)
  • Manipal Institute of Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (MIDEM)
  • Manipal Andrology and Reproductive Service (MARS) and Manipal Hospital Diagnostics Services (MHDS) amongst its 43 clinical departments.

Besides, the Bangalore system has three secondary care hospitals – Manipal Northside Hospital, Manipal Speciality Hospital and Manipal Tumkur Hospital, a chain of clinics in various corporate houses, including one at Jayanagar and Bangalore airport with a pharmacy chain. This makes it the most integrated health systems in any given city in India that provides healthcare from smallest to the most complex medical problem.
Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, has been in the forefront of cutting edge medical research ever since its inception. The hospital is amongst a handful in the country to have state-of-the-art research facilities for stem cells, molecular diagnostics and genetics.

Chairman's Message : Chairman of Manipal Hospitals

Welcome to the World of Manipal Health Systems

An idea can be more easily lost than implemented. When it is shared, it has a multiplier effect. The benefits are enhanced, the achievements doubled and society witness progress.

Manipal Health systems is an eloquent testimony to the vision, motivation and labour of Dr. T.M.A Pai who served the country with a mission to provide quality education and medical facilities at affordable prices. His zeal, dedication and infinite energy inspired others to trigger off a great healthcare revolution, impacting the lives of several thousands.

Today Manipal Health Systems Private Limited provides path- breaking medical services, ably supported by high-end technology. Groups’ over five decade of experience lends our consultants and para-medical staff an impeccable expertise in healthcare delivery.

The flagship of Manipal Health Systems Private Limited is Bangalore’s Manipal Hospital which offers personalized care to a wide cross-section of the society by harnessing latest technology. The hospital is focused on providing quality and affordable care in Bangalore’s rapidly changing healthcare environment and has emerged as a landmark destination for people from over 20 countries.

We at Manipal Health Systems continue to strive for clinical excellence, personalized care and medical services that are responsive to the needs of the society.

Dr. Ramdas Pai
Chairman, Manipal Group

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